Eco Value offers a complete eco friendly manufactured solution for alternative composting services. Our entire process is mindful of how important each service is so we take care during the manufacturing of all of our systems.

 Whether your concerns are to comply with new environmental regulations  or lead the way in  water, waste, energy, green technology, or alternative composting, Eco Value  Technology, Inc. is the solution.


Every installation is unique and we work with you to make sure that your investment works for you now and in the future. With Eco value Technology you are not only getting the best products but you are also getting a full service manufacturer that will be there when you need us.

 Eco Value Technology, Inc. provide a variety of solutions for your  organization with a team of experienced individuals who can manufacture custom industrial and commercial equipment to your specifications.

About Us

Eco Value Technology, Inc. specializes in customized in-vessel solutions for all types of composting.

Our in-vessel reduction solutions offer a green and environmentally friendly way to take a variety of medias and turn them into a renewable resource. We provide solutions for applications ranging from farm animal losses to your clients precious four-legged family members, as an alternative to traditional methods such as burial or cremation. The product from our in-vessel composters can be returned right back to the soil for supporting new life. There are also other environmental benefits, which include reducing energy and natural resource consumption as well as the overall carbon footprint created by traditional means of handling remains.

Eco Value Technology, Inc. supplies equipment that relies on nature’s way to break down organic material in a controlled environment.

While Eco Value Technology specializes in whole remains reduction, in-vessel, our offering is also suitable for other biological organic composting as well.