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Eco Value Technology Products are custom designed to meet your individual application and performance needs.

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In-Vessel Composting for Food and Organic Materials

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Model Specifications

Diameter (Feet)

Length (Feet)

Operating Capacity
(Cubic Yards):

EVT412 4 12 4.2
EVT424 4 24 8.4
EVT532 5 32 17.5
EVT540 5 40 21.8
EVT648 6 48 37.7
* Divide capacity by total number of days of retention to get your total daily input capacity.
  • Available in standard or custom sizes.
  • Optional features and components available.
  • Designed to compost year round and in a fraction of the time of other methods.
  • Completely natural and semi-automated process.
  • No harsh or toxic chemical additives needed - only carbon and nitrogen.
  • Limited odor with enclosed aerobic composting.
  • No heating elements - uses only naturally generated heat that reduces pathogens and sterilizes material.
  • Designed to improve working conditions and reduce labor.


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