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In-Vessel Composting Solutions. Green Solutions. Waste to Value Solutions. Eco Value Technology, Inc. Environmental Sustainability. Experienced Manufacturing and Engineering.


Whether your concerns are to comply with new environmental regulations or lead the way in water, waste, energy and green technology, Eco Value Technology, Inc. is the solution.


Eco Value Technology, Inc. provide a variety of solutions for your organization with a team of experienced individuals who design, engineer, and manufacture custom industrial and commercial equipment.


We offer our customers several distinct
advantages over other solutions:

  • Sustainable Solutions That Will Fit Your Requirements
  • A Readily Available Expert Sales and Engineering Team
  • Custom Design Abilities
  • Quality Robust Workmanship
  • Post Installation Support with Warranty Services
    and Service Parts

Composting solutions for:

  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality (Hotels/Restaurants)
  • Local Waste Haulers
  • Landfill Operations
  • Recycling Operations/Programs
  • Urban Sites
  • Community Gardening
  • And More

Contact our team to explore solutions.

Downloadable Brochures: 

In-Vessel Composting Brochure


Batch Composter Brochure